Keep patients & clinicians safe.
Boost efficiency & simplify isolation protocols.

Pathways Africa telehealth keeps immuno-compromised patients out of the waiting room. Our platform allows primary care workers immediate access to specialist diagnostics while keeping clinicians safe.

Launch in 24 hours.

We are a web based solution, backed by the Cloud. That means faster consultations with less infrastructure – and no software installations or maintenance. Our platform leverages highly dependable cloud infrastructure to provide 99.99% reliability. It is a ready-to-go solution that can be switched on for your medical network within hours.

Digital infrastructure.

A single specialist can assist multiple clinicians in the field by assessing patients via Pathways Africa. Our live video, assessment forms and tele-auscultation allows for actionable diagnoses and documentation of remote patients from a central location. Telehealth multiplies primary care efficiency by providing immediate access to specialist diagnostics, simplifying isolation protocols and avoiding travel time between wards & hospitals.

Virtual Waiting Rooms

Pathways Africa allows providers to send email invitations to remote patients to join a Virtual Waiting Room at a specific time. Primary care workers who need to facilitate remote consultations can join Virtual Waiting Rooms at any time. Additionally, Virtual Waiting Rooms can be assigned to individual departments or specific specialists within your network, further cutting down on delays.


Tele-auscultation is the ability to stream digital stethoscope audio from presenter to provider. To get diagnostic quality audio is vital, which is exactly why our algorithm makes sure you get the kind of quality you can take clinical action on – confidently. Our tele-auscultation feature is FDA approved and clinically proven in the field.

“Keep waiting rooms as clear as possible during this time of crisis. Move to Pathways Africa.”

— Dirk Wagener, GM of Health & Safety, Stone Three

Build it.

Pathways Africa is part of our Helath & Safety stack. Our telemedicine specialities include an A.I. murmur detection product, TeleSensi ™ Cardiac, and a high fidelity stethoscope streaming product called TeleSensi™.

Grow it.

Our medical products are developed according to strict ISO standards and are in compliance with FDA standards in order to operate in the United States. Pathways Africa is a partnership product with Global Partnership for Telehealth in the United States and has been successfully deployed in the field for several years. We keep extremely close ties with our partners and clients to ensure the success of our products.

SAHPRA Registered

Stone Three is registered with the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority and conforms to their guidelines on telehealth products and services. SAHPRA is an entity of the National Department of Health, created by the South African Government to ensure that the health and well-being of human and animal health is at its core.

Our Core Practice Guidelines for Telehealth

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