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The costs associated with heavy industries can be preventative. Operational costs and capital costs keep ballooning every day – not to mention the burden that lost-time injuries and unplanned downtime can place on an already strained budget. Add in the expense of equipment failure as well as maintenance and energy costs, and it becomes clear just how pressure-driven the industry is by margins and revenue alone.

Given the exorbitant costs of building new plants, the only workable solution is for mining and other heavy industry companies to work with the assets they already have – to increase their productivity and their efficiency in order to extract as much value as possible from their existing capacity.

It’s here where Stone Three comes in – offering end-to-end digital solutions that help to increase yield and optimise processes through real time analysis and instant problem-solving. In this way, our products can help to decrease unplanned downtime and maximise productivity, while saving millions in the process.

Our solutions

By leveraging the power of machine vision and machine learning, Stone Three has developed a range of digital productivity solutions that have been adopted by leading enterprises not just locally, but internationally as well. These include:

  • AI-augmented smart sensors for Particle Size Analysis (PSA), flotation, and critical asset measurements
  • Enablers for remote processing and asset monitoring and diagnostics
  • Packaged crushing, grinding and flotation solutions and services
  • Process stabilisation and optimisation
  • Predictive analytics and real time intervention models

With a highly skilled team of specialists in place, we’re able to support the global mining industry with end-to-end services that include process diagnostics and integration with advanced process control platforms, in order to deliver actionable insights and outcomes-based solutions. Or to put it more simply, we’re dedicated to developing technology that not only increases your productivity significantly, it saves you valuable time and money as well.

To measure is to know

A working primary crusher is of key importance in the mining industry, and is a vital link between the mine and plant. If rocks or other materials are oversized when entering the crusher, they can cause significant damage, which can be costly to repair. The Stone Three Truck Particle Size Measurement Solution uses machine vision laser-based sensors to measure and monitor the particle size distribution of ore as it goes into the crusher, improving uptime, increasing efficiency and providing actionable feedback, ultimately resulting in huge savings for your company.

Overloading and underloading can present certain challenges to the haul trucks carrying materials between pit and plant – challenges that the Stone Three Truck Payload Volumetric Measurement Solution has been specifically designed to offset. With this machine vision system in place, your haul truck loads will be monitored via AI-augmented smart sensors, with overloading or underloading alerts sent to you in real time, allowing you to manage any potentially dangerous or costly issues before they escalate. The benefits? More productivity, more visibility, and more control of your precious cargo.

Grinding mills are costly to run, and so ensuring their ongoing efficiency and productivity is vitally important. Irregular feed size can lead to inefficient grinding and reduced throughput, which can ultimately cause damage, delays, and unforeseen expenses. With the Stone Three Milling Diagnostics and Analytics Solution, you’ll be able to use the machine vision system to continuously monitor your feed size distribution and detect oversized materials in time, improving your mill’s performance and your uptime as well.

Managing your key assets is always vital to keeping costs down on site, particularly when it comes to conveyor belts. Belt failures can be dangerous, disruptive and costly – but thankfully, can also be prevented. A machine vision system, the Stone Three Belt Condition Monitoring Solution will identify surface features on your conveyor belts, such as splices, tears and edge deformations, while detecting belt drift at the same time. This type of enhanced early detection helps to simplify the belt inspection process, resulting in improved maintenance scheduling and helping to keep costs and downtime at a minimum.

A healthy mineral extraction process relies on optimal crusher performance – and complications like improper gap settings, irregular feed size and unpredictable liner wear can compromise this. With Stone Three’s machine vision Crusher Diagnostics and Analytics Solution, you’ll be able to continuously monitor the feed and product size distribution in real time, while improving your maintenance planning, increasing your crusher uptime, and optimising your crusher control at the same time.

Looking for increased recovery and more accurate grade control with your froth flotation process? Our Flotation Diagnostics and Analytics Solution uses a machine vision system to continuously monitor your key froth and pulp metrics, allowing for automatic detection of suboptimal froth states, measurement of mass pull per cell and estimation of grade and recovery, ultimately resulting in improved flotation circuit control overall.

Improve your froth stability and grade with our Bubble Sizer – a portable device used to acquire information on the size and distribution of the bubbles and Jg in flotation cells.

Insert the below link into your browser for the Bubble Sizer software Installer:

Our impact

It’s not enough to just tell you that our digital productivity solutions save you time and money. We need to prove it too – by showing you just how positive an impact our products and services have had on the industry as a whole:

  • A 1-3% recovery increase when integrated with mass pull advanced process control, monitoring and diagnostics
  • A 2% increase in crusher availability
  • An annual saving of R64 million in conveyor belt stops
  • 200 systems installed to date with a 95% renewal rate

What these compelling statistics demonstrate is that increased productivity isn’t just probable – it’s completely possible. And that’s why we do what we do at Stone Three. Designing, developing and producing solutions and services that make your life easier, that save you valuable time and money, and that help your company perform to the very best of its ability. It’s the power of AI, and it’s here to drive your continued longevity and success.

Our Productivity Management Team

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