We are 4IR enabled problem solvers

We combine expert services with the power of machine learning to help our customers increase their productivity, and keep their people safer, happier, and healthier.​

Operational Productivity

Innovative products. Intelligent processes.

Process Monitoring & Diagnostics

Our team of data scientists and process engineers helps our customers make better operational decisions by identifying problem areas and providing actionable insights to improve operational performance.

Smart Sensors

We use intelligent products to measure better so that our customers know better. Our range of Smart Sensors perfectly complements our Process Monitoring & Diagnostics Solutions.

Health and Safety

Safer, healthier, happier people.

Health Services

Improving employee health and well-being through Digital Health Consulting and Healthcare Service Coordination and Management.

Workplace Safety

Our safety technology uses AI video analytics to monitor critical controls and detect, then report on workplace safety-related events.

Meet the Stone Three team

Get to know the people who enable a safer, healthier, and happier working environment.